Operational Reviews

Lyons McCloskey conducts onsite reviews and evaluations of mortgage servicer’s claim filing operations that are designed to assist the servicer to identify any potential risk of noncompliance; to provide assistance in developing the tools needed to minimize the risk of noncompliance; and to provide recommendations to effectively manage the process on a going-forward basis.  The reviews provide a baseline of the mortgage servicer’s servicing operation that enables the establishment of benchmarks to effectively measure performance.  The reviews include a quantification of any losses and recommendations on how to avoid such losses in the future. To date, clients have realized significant savings through the implementation of recommended actions.

Lyons McCloskey also conducts onsite reviews and evaluations of mortgage servicers’ FHA Loss Mitigation operating policies and procedures.  Mortgage servicers are required to evaluate the appropriateness of the FHA loss mitigation strategies before referring loans for foreclosure.  The reviews evaluate a mortgage servicers’ compliance with FHA’s collections, early intervention activities, loss mitigation, and foreclosure decisions.  The reviews are designed to evaluate a mortgage servicers level of compliance, risk of potential penalty and sanction, and overall effectiveness and efficiency in managing the FHA Loss Mitigation program.  These reviews have resulted in clients making significant operational changes that have dramatically reduced risk and improved the bottom-line.

Lyons McCloskey performs outsource quality control reviews of FHA approved servicers’ loan origination and loan servicing operation to ensure compliance with FHA Quality Control Program requirements.  FHA requires approved servicers to conduct monthly and quarterly reviews of their loan servicing program and monthly loan origination reviews.   Lyons McCloskey selects the sample of loans for review in compliance with FHA requirements and evaluates the servicers compliance with the FHA program while simultaneously meeting FHA quality control standards.